A visit to the kingdom of seafood

Enjoy the gastronomy, landscapes and archaeology of O Grove

Viewpoint of A Siradella Hill

9 am

Start your day with energy and breathe in fresh air watching the sunrise on the top of A Siradella Hill. There, you can enjoy stunning views of the O Grove Peninsula and the Ons Island. Moreover, if you want to learn more about this natural spot, you can visit its nature interpretation centre.

Trip from San Vicente do Mar

11 am

We leave A Siradella and head to the village of San Vicente. Driving along the seaside to the north, you can stop at any of its beaches to go for a walk or bathe in the ocean. On your way, you can admire the Cíes Islands in the background. There, you will be deeply impressed by the archaeological site of Adro Vello. A magical spot filled with history.

Food experience

1:30 pm

It is time to recharge your batteries. The O Grove Peninsula is popular for its sea products, in fact it is known as the capital of the seafood in Rías Baixas. This town boasts a large number of restaurants with amazing sea views. There, you can visit a Michelin starred-hotel and another awarded with a Sol Repsol. Are you hungry for experiences?

Aquarium of O Grove

4 pm

After a delicious meal, a good option is to walk along the seaside promenade of the town or around the A Toxa Island, a famous thermal village boasting stunning landscapes and a shrine covered with scallop shells. If you are interested in the species living on the seabed of the coastal inlets popularly known as rías, it is recommended to visit the Aquarium of O Grove. To round off your trip, visit the Museum of Fishing and Salting, where you will learn more about the relationship of the local people and the sea.

Intertidal Complex Umia-O Grove

6 pm

The Intertidal Complex Umia-O Grove is one of the most beautiful and important wetlands in Galicia. From any of its viewpoints, you can admire the migratory birds that are part of the biological diversity of the area. The best time to enjoy this spot is at high tide.

Sunset at A Lanzada Beach

8 pm

At the end of the day, we can head to the largest beach in As Rías Baixas. There, you can visit the archaeological site of A Lanzada, the remains of the 10th century defensive tower and the chapel of Nosa Señora da Lanzada, while the sun disappears on the horizon.